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Pimm 6/20/2015 1:11 PM
Anyone playing NeverWinter? Leys and I are playing NeverWinter and ESO ATM
Pimm 1/17/2015 4:50 PM
Whats Up All?
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Welcome to Rampage
Welcome to our site, we are a level 10 Runes of Magic guild based on the OSHA server. Rampage was established by Pimm. Rampage is governed by several High Council Members which include Pimm, Leys, KazperV, Sahsin and Badon. Together, they work hard to insure we stay a friendly and helpful guild with a family atmosphere. We think playing should be considered a fun time, an escape from reality, a time to share with your fellow community members. We pride ourselves in knowing that playing a game should not be considered work, while constantly bettering ourselves by playing together and learning the game. Our goals are to take Rampage to it's fullest potential, by working together to gain access to instances, to better ourselves as a team in guild siege, to gain the gear needed to run high end content, we believe in teamwork. As a team we will move forward and gain all the rewards and success that the game can offer.

To be part of Rampage, please visit our forums and view the category "Recruitment" and read the sticky "What to expect in Rampage", if Rampage sounds like something you want to be part can then visit the topic of "Applying to Rampage" and there, you will be walked through on how to apply to Rampage.

Thank You!
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